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“Unlike most activities at MHS, Soulfege wasn't meant to be a resume builder; it wasn't going to get you into your reach school and wasn't meant to bring you fame. Rather, Soulfege was there as an outlet for people who loved the activity and who genuinely loved connecting with each other and the audience through music.”

- Dennis Yu, founder of Soulfege A Cappella, 2008

     Soulfege A Cappella is Millburn High School’s student-led a cappella group. The group performs throughout the township and greater community, along with holding various fundraisers and events over the course of the academic year.


     This past year, Soulfege placed first in the ICHSA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal, second in the ICHSA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal, and first place in A Cappella for Autism. Soulfege was also awarded Best Choreography, Best Arrangement, Best Audio-Mixing, Best Videography, Best Soloist and Most Creative Video across all competitions this year. In 2020, Soulfege was thrilled to receive third place at the ICHSA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal as well as third place at Singstrong NY. In 2019, Soulfege was the Champion at SingStrong NY and also won awards for Best Soloist, Vocal Percussion, and Arrangement. Soulfege placed second in Singstrong NY in 2018 and first in  2017,  receiving awards for Best Vocal Percussion, Male and Female Soloist, and Arrangement along the way. The group has competed in the International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) for six years. In 2018, Soulfege placed 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal and took home the awards for Outstanding Arrangement and Choreography, as well as winning Outstanding Vocal Percussion at Semifinals. In 2017, Soulfege placed 2nd in the Mid-Atlantic ICHSA Quarterfinal and won awards for Outstanding Arrangement and Choreography. They also took home the award for Outstanding Arrangement in 2015.  Soulfege also placed first in the A Cappella For Autism Competition 2018 to raise funds for Autism NJ . They were thrilled to bring home awards for Outstanding Vocal Percussion and Choreography as well, after winning Runner Up and Outstanding Vocal Percussion in 2017. 


     Along with music, Soulfege also takes pride in its activism. Soulfege believes that everyone should have access to music, and in turn has raised over $4000 to donate to Tunes to Teens and Music Unites: two charities that donate music supplies to underprivileged schools. To further support music appreciation, the group teaches a cappella classes to students at local elementary schools. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Soulfege released music videos to the public recorded entirely in quarantine with the hopes of spreading joy and unity. They also organized their first-ever virtual competition, with groups from Maplewood to Michigan, where they were fortunate enough to raise nearly $3,000 in just one night, all for Autism Awareness.


     In 2016, Soulfege was featured on three episodes of the Lifetime television show “Pitch Slapped”. In 2017, Soulfege recorded its first single, "You Give Love a Bad Name" with a cappella record label The Vocal Company, available now on iTunes and Spotify for download. Soulfege's second studio single, "Take Me to Church", also available on iTunes and Spotify, was selected to the 2019 Varsity Vocals "Best of High School A Cappella" album. Soulfege's third single, "Fall in Line", is currently available on all platforms as well. Finally, Soulfege's first EP, "blue", is now available on all platforms as well! Soulfege is so thankful for its success, and is eager to see what the future holds!

Singstrong NY Masterclass 2020
Singstrong NY 2020
Winter Jam 2018
ICHSA Semifinal 2018
ICHSA Quarterfinal
SingStrong NY 2019
ICHSA Quarterfinal 2020
SingStrong NY 2018
Soulfege's Christmas Performance
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